About Concrete Rose

At Concrete Rose we believe that every person has the ability to blossom through life’s constant challenges. When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher, and we want to provide sports apparel that can be worn as you navigate the winds of change.


We produce quality products that represent the remarkable tenacity of the human spirit. From the fabrics, the cuts and patterns, to the colors and style selections, we’ve created each piece to be an extension of your life’s journey. Every body deserves to feel empowered, vibrant and healthy, and we want to be with you on the road ahead. We believe that every person, from all walks of life, need to be celebrated, and Concrete Rose is committed to creating a platform and marketplace where everyone can feel welcomed and supported.


We care about your health. We care about your dreams and goals. We care about your success! Concrete Rose–more than a lifestyle, we’re your life partner!

About You

You are the first to graduate from college. You have challenged yourself to train for your first marathon. You’ve finally committed to doing what it takes to lose weight, feel healthier, and lead a more active lifestyle. You’re motivated to lose those last ten pounds, or maybe you’re going for 100 pounds. You’ve decided to compete in the Paralympics. You’re going to join that beach volleyball team you’ve always said you wanted to join. You’ve signed up for yoga classes while your kids are at school. You’ve defied the odds. You’ve overcome challenges. You decided that despite your circumstances, you’re going to push yourself to achieve your dreams, no matter what. You are the rose that grew from concrete. We celebrate you!

About The Founder

Concrete Rose represents a metaphor of my life growing up in a dysfunctional Latino family and the challenges I faced and have overcome. My mother was a drug addict and an alcoholic and I grew up in an inner city neighborhood riddled with drugs, crime, alcohol, and violence. In my world, we were not taught about healthy lifestyles or food choices. We were not encouraged and motivated to go after our dreams or to strive for greatness. Despite the circumstantial and cultural influences in my life, I wanted to keep striving for greatness and defy the odds. I pushed myself and became the first person in my family to graduate from college and to continue to achieve milestones in my life.
In 2011, I ran a 5k for the first time in my life without training and I ran the entire race without stopping. There was something inside of me that told me not to stop and I just wanted to keep going and going. I wanted to push myself to run across that finish line and claim victory. I was inspired to continue practicing a healthy lifestyle after that race and I began training for the 10k and then the half marathon, and eventually pushing myself to complete a marathon. I enjoy the feeling of being alive and healthy and feeling energetic. Leading a healthier lifestyle is life changing. I feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I want others to feel alive and motivated to accomplish whatever they set their minds to. Concrete Rose represents having something beautiful come from something hard and immovable. If something so graceful as a rose can be birthed out of stone, then there is truly something to believe in and to go after something greater than myself.


My legacy is to inspire people to rise up. I want you to come alive in Concrete Rose Apparel.
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